Friday, February 12, 2010

// Say Goodbye to Alexander McQueen

// I will never forget the first time I saw his runway collection on I was blown away by the crazy hair, crazy makeup, crazy outfits and even crazier shoes. It was amazing to see the immense talent in all the theatricality and the details.

Long live McQueen.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Review: Oxy JP Oil Control Gel + Etude House O2 White Mask

//Oxy JP Oil Control Gel by Rohto

This Oil Control Gel actually comes from the OXY men's line in Japan.
It deserves HG status in my book and I've gone through 12 tubs of this (Yeah, I know)
It absorbs oil and leaves your face matt. There is a slight tightening of the pores/skin as well.
I don't know if it actually makes your pores smaller though, I reckon that is quite impossible.
Overapplication will lead to flaky dry skin so you can't be too liberal with this one. I use this to combat upcoming zits and it has worked so far. You cannot apply this on acne though. I have combination skin so this is mainly for T-zone maintence.

Of late, it has been annoyingly difficult to find this. Even Matsukiyo outlets opposite Ikebukuro Station, on Takeshita Dori and around Shibuya 109 don't carry this anymore. Or maybe they sold out totally or something.
Oxy Oil Control Gel retails at 1000yen (approx) for 28g. Decent amount of product for that price. I use this religiously so one tube lasts me a good 2-3 months. A tiny investment for a quality product :D

5/5 for this one! Will repurchase (in bulk) without hesitation..if I see it again that is.

Moving on!
//Etude House 02 White Sheet Mask (Sample)
This is distributed free at Etude House outlets to all walk-in customers. Just walk in and make a u-turn out of the store and you will be one mask richer :P
I have two of these and used both.Typical sheet mask with an aritifical perfume. At 20ml, this means that there is a fair bit of essence here. Impressed?Not so fast.
Torochan said that nothing happened after masking and she is totally right. I didn't feel like it was moisturising or whitening or anything. It kept my face cool for 15mins and that was it. I could have slapped on a cooling pack and it wouldn't be any different. There was a strong whiff of alcohol too.The sheet was made of decent quality cotton that didn't tear. The mask absorbed the essence nicely. It did not drip during masking. After taking the mask off, I left the essence to dry. Bad idea.
The essence made my face so sticky!! I had to get out of bed to wash it off. Yuck. Wasted my time. Although this was free, I don't think I would touch this one again

//Sweet Feb Magazine Sneaks Featuring Spring Collections

New Mac collections :

Le Prisme from Givenchy : Is there a need for a quad of the same colour in 4 different textures? I bet the user will lean towards their favourite texture first, hit pan and find it a drag to finish the rest of the quad.

Monday, January 18, 2010

01-15 Outfit of the day

//Outfit of the day: Forever21 Straw Hat in Navy,Random 3/4 sleeve blazer, Super Lovers Tee,Levi's Patricia Ultra Skinny jeans, Nike dunks

Makeup Buddy Outfit of the day: Forever21 dress, Red ballet flats

Next up: Sneaks from Sweet Magazine!
(Damn damn damn! Gotta stop buying those magazines for their oh so wonderful free bags!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fasio Spring 2010

//Fasio's 10th Anniversary Star Product
Fasio Hyper Stay Mascara Magna Plus Curl Long
(What a long name!)
Featuring Non-no's resident model Yano Mikko and Arashi's Matsumoto Jun

Not impressed by the colours of the palettes I see from my screen but I will reserve judgement until I get to swatch these

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sneak: Seventeen JP Nov 2009

//Marie Claire quad in S-05 1680Yen
Marie Claire Top Stage in Bk01 1575Yen
These are not common in Japan.. I've only seen these like once. Looks interesting, Maybe I will get some to try next time. Marie Claire Cosmetics :

Nana Eikura wears:
Nars Blush 4001 3150Yen (More expensive than the States)
Visee A-2 1680Yen
Maybeline New York Hypercurl Volume Express 1260Yen
Mac Eyeliner 2310Yen
Kate Eyeliner 1155Yen
Aube Couture Designing Gloss 904 2310Yen

Brown Leather Jacket Coordinates

Rocking Black

Black blazer coordinates

Best Selling Hair Irons:
First Row-
1) Bis DMB-701 1980Yen
2)Tsuyagla Mix Hair Iron 12800Yen
3)Vidal Sasoon 2980Yen

Second Row:
1)Sutoka-ru (Straight X Curl) Mini 3780Yen
2)Tsuyagla Mix Hair Iron 12800Yen
3)Gureitsu Iron 38 8925Yen

Third Row:
1)Vidal Sasoon VS!1001 Open Price
2)Panasonic Ionity EH1711 Open Price
3)Tsuyagla Mix Hair Iron 12800Yen
Tsuyagla seems to be very popular! Tsubasa Masukawa and Marie both endorse this brand!

Mascaras that are popular - From the top:
Marie Claire 1575Yen
Agnes B 2940Yen
Givenchy 4410Yen
Dejavu Lash Knockout 1575Yen
Helena Rubenstein 4410Yen
YSL 4200Yen
Maybelline NewYork Lash Exte 1575Yen

Saturday, January 9, 2010

This must be some kind of sad, cruel joke

//V's double bill size issue featuring Gaby and Dakota

I usually like V and read it quite abit but this gets on my nerves.
Where do I start with this cover? It might seem like a celebration of "One size fits all" but it is not. I'm not gonna touch on race here because that is way too sensitive.

1) Big Love has hair fanning away from her face and Little Lady has her hair framing her face.
Plus, Little Lady has BumpIt Big Hair which makes her face look even smaller.
Desired effect in comparison: Big Love's face looks bigger and Little Lady's face looks smaller.

2) Big Love is looking skywards, exposing loads of skin and flab and Little lady is looking straight into the camera with her shoulder tilted to cover her neck.Plus she is wearing a knit.
Desired effect in comparison: Big Love has more skin exposed and Little lady has only her face exposed. Big Love's face looks alot bigger.

3) Big Love's shot zooms in her face and a little of her shoulder but Little Lady's shot includes more than half of her upper arm.
Desired effect in comparison: Little Lady looks so petite and Big Love looks...well bigger.

4) Big Love's face goes out of the area of V alphabet whilst Little Lady's face stays well within the V area.
Desired effect in comparison: Need I say more?

Disgusting! Don't implictly send messages to the readers, we are not idiots.Dakota is a small girl but there is no need to make the bigger girl look bigger in a side by side edition. Discrimination, I say! It is not fair to Gaby.

I believe it would only be fair to have the girls styled the same way in an exact replica shoot like your previous size issue.

Shame on you V, Shame on you cause Big is Beautiful too.